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Above is an advertisement for the long-gone racetrack, promoting the 1930-31 winter meet. At right is a photo from about the same time, showing the grandstand, from the track.

The Oriental Park Hall of Fame Calder Racecourse

The Havana American Jockey Club of Cuba was an important thoroughbred racing association that operated during the winter months at Oriental Park Racetrack, in Marianao, Havana, Cuba. Founded in 1915, the famed race track was where many prominent horsemen began their careers, and was the only racetrack in Cuba in the days before Fidel Castro. Induction into the Oriental Park Hall of Fame represents membership into the Horseracing Hall of Fame of Cuba, and visitors to Miami may visit the exhibit honoring those inductees, at its permanent home at Calder Racecourse.


Dr. Alberto Inclan-Leopoldo Sierra-Eugenio Rodriguez-Avelino Gomez-Fernando Fernandez-Lazaro Sosa Barrera-Indalecio Pertierra-Camilo Marin-Teddy Cox-Nick Gonzalez-Fransisco 'Pancho' Martin-Manuel Nacimiento Gonzalez-Carlos Skarbrevik-Angel Sosa Barrera-Henry Torriente