MIAMI, Fla., Nov.14-Camilo Marin, one of this nation's most accomplished jockey's agents who through the years has guided the destinies of Fernando Fernandez, Don Brumfield, Manuel Ycaza, Braulio Baeza, Laffit Pincay, Jr., and a host of other leaders of the profession, is now on the scene lauding the talents of another protege, Brian Long.

"I'm a great believer in pedigrees, whether I'm dealing with horses or people," said Marin, who is here for the winter. "Dale Long, Brian's father, was a fine jockey,and his two uncles Darryl and Ronnie Banks, were jockeys, and further, their grandfathers, Emory Long and Ralph Banks, both owned and trained horses.

"So it was only natural that Brian would become a jockey, and believe he'll be a good one. The kid grew up around Santa Anita and his ambition was always to become a jockey. I've been scouting arund for a 'live' apprentice and now I have one."

Long launched his career in November, 1978, at Bay Meadows, but it wasn't until he rode at Sportsman's Park in Illinois last April that he finally found a winning stride.

"I broke my maiden on Eddie's Chance April 20 this year at Sportsman's," said the 17-year-old. "I rode winners in three of my first four races there and then shifted down to Balmoral Park where I was the leading rider."

When he arrived at Calder several days ago he had a total of 92 winners.

"I came here to meet my new agent, Camilo Marin," said Long. "Having him as an agent could be the best break of my life."

Marin picked up the story:

"You know, I had never heard of Brian. Then I received a telephone call from his father, Dale, and he asked me to take the boy's book. He said he'd like for him to ride during the winter either in Florida or New York. I told him I was leaving California to join my wife and family here in Florida and it would have to be in Florida."

"I've been watching Brian both in the morning and afternoon and I'm convinced he has a fine future."

Marin was asked to pick the best rider he's ever had.

"That would be impossible," he explained. "All jockeys have different hole cards and weak points. One of my favorites, of course, was Fernando Fernandez. I started out with him in Cuba, where we wre born, and then went on to Mexico City and to the United States. I was with him for almost twenty years, you know. He was a super rider but never had the opportunities of some of the others, such as Ycaza, Pincay and Baeza."

-Teddy Cox/Calder

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